Border Disc

Border Disc Specification
Disc tilt Adjustable
Width Adjustable
Attachment 3 point linkage
Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above

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Making Field Boundaries with a tractor-mounted implement is great for your farm. It is constructed with a wide diameter disc for the purpose of establishing field borders for effective water irrigation, drainage and agricultural planting. It can also be used to ground-up plants that are planted in rows, such as potatoes, to ensure a healthier root system. By adjusting the disc clamps on the toolbar and rotating the disc bodies relative to the clamps, the size, and shape of bunds/ridges can be changed. For proper water irrigation, the Border disc creates boundaries and ridges around the field. Apart from that, it is also capable of effectively addressing soil erosion issues. It helps to improve the root system by earthing up the plants. All of this contributes to more efficient and effective farming, as well as assisting farmers in their difficult tasks. There is disc tilt adjustable and width adjustable. It has a 3-point linkage attachment and has tractor compatibility of 50 HP and above.