Chisel Plough

Chisel Plough Specification
No Of Tines 2-5
Total Width 1570 mm
Linkage Capacity: I &II
Max Working Depth: 22-25cm
Weight: 225-360Kg.
Tractor Compatibility: 50HP Onwards

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A popular farming implement for heavy tillage is the chisel plough. It does not move or invert all of the soil, unlike a regular plough. Its primary goal is to loosen and aerate the soil while leaving crop leftovers on the surface. Chisel ploughs are used to break up compacted soil. Standard chisel ploughs can be firmly mounted, spring cushioned, or have spring tips. Chisel ploughs work below the ploughing zone’s regular depth. In low-till agricultural circumstances, it can help break up the hardpan and decrease soil erosion. It also helps water permeate the soil by preventing the production of surface crusts. It has 2 to 5 tines and the total width is 1570 mm. Linkage Capacity is I &II and maximum working depth is 22 to 25cm. Other than that, the weight is 225 to 360Kg. The tractor compatibility is 50HP and above.