Cotton Ridger

Cotton Ridger Specification
Power Source 60-70 HP Tractors.
No. of Tines 9 Nos.
Type Hydraulic
Overall Length 90 inch
Overall Height 43 inch
Overall Width 36 inch
Overall Length (max) 80 inch

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A cotton ridger is a multifunctional tool that may be used to rid numerous crops such as maize, sugarcane, and cotton. It can also divide fields into furrows in order to maintain a better water flow. This facilitates the seamless planting of income crops such as cotton. They provide convenience and flexibility when it comes to changing areas and forming different rows and angles. Higher yields are obtained with this method of planting. Farmers benefit more from automated farming than from manual farming since there is less water waste and higher crop yields. Power Source is 60-70 HP tractors and there are 9 tines. The type is hydraulic and the overall length is 90 inches while the overall height is 43 inches. The overall width is 36 inches and the overall length is 80 inches.