Kubota DC-70 Plus Combine Harvester in Kenya

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-70 Plus
Horsepower: 69
Fuel Capacity: 85L
Min. Ground Clearance: 325mm
Cutting Width (mm): 2075
Body Weight: 3,000
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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How the DC-70 plus makes a notable difference

The Kubota combine harvester DC-70 Plus comes with robust features that make a noticeable impact on your farms. This agricultural machinery is equipped with a direct injection engine that can generate 70 horsepower. To keep going for longer, the fuel tank holds around 85 liters of gas. The engine is close to the 12V / 65 Ah battery and the combine harvester’s hydraulic speed-shift mechanism makes it simple to meet a wide range of shifting requirements. This combine harvester’s power lies in its hydraulically assisted steering and braking, which together allow for safe and effective stopping in emergencies. The total mass is estimated to be 3000 kg. Kubota combine harvester DC-70 Plus is very fuel efficient, using just 7.5 liters per hour. Given that it can harvest between 1 and 1.25 acres of land per hour, this combine harvester has some amazing credibility and operational performance metrics. Wheat, rice, maize, flax, sorghum, millet, etc. are only a few of the crops that it may gather.

Uses and benefits of DC-70 plus

Harvesting tasks like threshing, reaping, and winnowing by hand can be very arduous. As more labor-intensive tools and agricultural machinery are used on the farm, the expense of doing each job by hand rises proportionally. With DC- 70 plus Kubota combine harvester farmers jumped at the chance to employ them, resulting in significant time savings, reduced stress associated with exerting more effort, and a marked decrease in labor costs. Not only were the crops picked with little harm, but the scattered panicles were also gathered.

During harvest, even the panicles that had fallen were gathered so that as little damage as possible would be done to the crops. All kinds of cereals, legumes, oilseeds, hay, flax, sorghum, millet, and more may be harvested with a DC-70 Plus Kubota combine harvester.

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