Landscape Rakes

Operating Weight. 503 kg.
Length. 1608 mm.
Width. 1692 mm.
Height. 1026 mm.
Number of Teeth (Total) 384.
Working Width. 1524 mm.
Bucket Capacity. 0.34 m³

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Landscape Rakes are specifically designed tools to help perform preparation and reshaping of soil surface. Having a balanced soil surface is very important for growing the crops. Landscape rakes are very beneficial in preparing the field required for perfect growth of crops. We have landscape rakes for sale at an affordable price range.

 Our landscape rakes have an operating weight of 503 kg. With Length of 1608 mm, Width 1692 mm and Height of 1026 mm it may be your ideal option of having a landscape rake in your inventory. It has a total 384 number of Teeth. Our landscape has a working Width. 1524 mm. It has a Bucket Capacity of 0.34 m³.