Massive 240S Tractor in Kenya

Model / Type: Massive 240
Horse Power: 50hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Condition: Brand New

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One of the leading tractor dealers, i.e. Tractors Kenya, has opened its dealership within the region of Kenya, providing highly optimized tractors and other agricultural machinery to local farmers at extremely economical fares.

Tractors of Tractors Kenya

The tractors and other farming resources of Tractors Kenya are quite famous among many other tractors since these depict a terrific and incomparable agricultural performance. All these Massive Tractors for sale at our tractor company in Kenya are not only operator friendly but are also eco-friendly and henceforth don’t harm the environment in any way.

Massive Tractor 240S

Very few tractors are durably resistant and thus cater to their farmer-owners for a very long time. Among these, Massive Tractors, particularly Massive Tractor 240S seem to top the list. With its unique and enthralling features, no farmer can resist buying this dynamic farm tractor. At our tractor company, we offer affordable and brand-new Massive Tractors to help you perform smooth agricultural operations.

  • Robust Engine

The robust engine of Massive Tractor 240S is highly selective to execute farming functions in small to medium-sized farms. The Perkins diesel engine emits 50 hp and a 32.2 L hydraulic system is quite efficient to suffice multiple on-field purposes. This multipurpose engine tractor has a fuel tank capacity of 48.1 L.

  • Manual Transmission

Massive Tractor 240S offers a 2-wheel drive mode, with the engine supplying the necessary power and traction control to the 2 wheels to instantly stop the gigantic tractor. The manual transmission integrated within comprises a sliding spur transmission with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.

  • Miscellaneous

Despite being affordable, Massive Tractors never fail to impress us. The Massive Tractor 240S is an incredible tractor, provided with a deluxe spring suspension seat, 172Nm of torque, and manual steering.

An operator-friendly tractor like the Massive Tractor 240S is hard to find. Plus, for the Kenyan landscape and farmers, Massive Tractor 240S is one of the most suitable and highly recommended tractors.