Massive 390 Tractor in Kenya

Model / Type: Massive 390
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Tractors Kenya brings forth a wide range of tractors and farm implements that have improved agricultural scales dynamically.

Agricultural necessity

In the world of today, where the population is increasing every second, it is extremely hard to feed the ever-increasing population. Plus agriculture is the only source of income for most of the Kenyan population. For transforming the agricultural system into a more productive and much easier system, tractors and tractor implements are offered by tractor companies, particularly Tractors Kenya at economical rates.

Tractors Kenya working at its best

Tractors Kenya is a genuine tractor company in Kenya, working for the betterment of local farmers by offering them export-quality agricultural machinery. Brand new tractors for sale, of exemplary quality, are part of our huge inventory. Browse through our massive range of agricultural tractors, including Massive Tractors that are subdivided based on their size and horsepower.

Massive Tractor 390 2WD

One of the Massive Tractors with superlative features is none other than Massive Tractor 390. The 2WD variant of Massive Tractor 390 is practical and can help native farmers in achieving higher growth output without the need of endeavoring.

  • Engine

Classified as a utility tractor with a powerful diesel Perkins 4.1L 4-cylinder engine. Massive Tractor 390 for sale exhibits power steering, to provide farmers with ease and comfort during heavy-duty towing and pulling operations. This tractor is integrated with hydraulic functions, and differential wet disc brakes, and emits a power source of 88 hp.

  • Transmission

The transmission of this tractor can be categorized into 5 modes.

  • 12-speed synchromesh transmission
  • 8-speed sliding spur transmission
  • 12-speed partial power shift transmission
  • 18-speed two-speed power shift transmission
  • 12-speed synchronized shuttle transmission
  • Assorted

The fuel tank of this large-sized tractor is almost 107.9 L while the pressure exerted is around 3000 psi.

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