Reconditioned MF-135 Tractor in Kenya

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF 135
Horse Power: 35hp
Transmission: Manual
Color : Red
Condition: Reconditioned

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Due to its contributions to the agricultural industry, Massey Ferguson is a well-known name in the sector. Because of its products’ effectiveness, performance, and dependability, Massey Ferguson is one of the world’s top brands of agricultural machinery. It provides a wide range of equipment and caters to every stage of farming.

Get a reconditioned tractor for your farm

All of our reconditioned tractors are enhanced by repairs and meticulous inspections by trained experts. These tractors all display quality and powerful performance that Kenyan farmers can attain at a reasonable cost. The reconditioned tractors available with us are the MF-135, MF-240, MG-375, MF-260, and MF-385.

This tractor is highly popular due to the benefits it brings to its owner

The MF-135 is a well-known tractor that has enhanced efficiency with its 45 horsepower 2.5 Liter Perkins AD3, 152 three-cylinder diesel engine. In the 30–40 horsepower range, the Massey Ferguson 135 is among the best available. This maneuverable tractor shows determination in its execution and is durable in nature. Furthermore, it is inexpensive to maintain and utilize.

It can hold 10.2 gallons of diesel fuel, 13.7 gallons of gasoline, and 8 gallons of hydraulic fluid. The lifting capacity of 1292 kg enables farmers to carry heavy loads enabling easy transportation of goods and haulage. The hydraulic system and three-point linkage result in better operation on the field enhancing productivity and quality of crop yields.

It has a wheelbase of 72 inches and weighs between 2940 and 3130 pounds. Other features of this Massey Fergusson tractor include live power, a hi-lo transmission, multi-power, power steering, and spin-out rims. These increase overall performance and give farmers the ease they require. The MF-135 is also fuel-efficient making this a beneficial tractor to acquire for the farmers of Kenya.

Tractors Kenya has reconditioned MF-135 tractors for you so contact us and get the best prices.