Swinging Drawbar

Swinging Drawbar.
Length: 30 in.
Thickness: 1 in.
Width: 1-7/8 in.
Pin holes on tractor end: 1 in.
Pin holes on attachment end: 3/4 in.
Lateral movement.
Hauling device more flexible when turning.

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Swinging drawbar is another handy farm implement that we sell. It is basically used to connect with tractors to hold heavy loads. It is an ideal gadget for towing any farm load with the tractor. We offer high-quality swinging drawbar and other agricultural implements for tractors.

 Our swinging drawbar is 30 inches long with a thickness of 1 inch. It is 1-7/8 inches wide. Our swinging drawbar has 1 inch pinholes on the tractor end and ¾ inch pin holes on the attachment end. It has lateral movement in it too. With the hauling device it is more flexible when turning.