Massey Ferguson Tractors in Kenya

Different Models of Massey Ferguson Tractors in Kenya

Massey Ferguson tractors are in high demand in Kenya, and Tractor Kenya is pleased to provide both new and used models. The name Massey Ferguson is synonymous with high-quality agricultural machinery. Massey Ferguson tractors for sale are provided by Tractors Kenya. Massey Ferguson tractors in Kenya may be purchased through Tractors Kenya, which has a huge inventory. An output of between 50 and 85 horsepower makes the tractor engines distinctive. Some of the most common Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Kenya may be found here.

MF-240 tractors

When it comes to power and efficiency, Massey Ferguson’s MF-240 tractors are expected to outperform the competition. MF-240 Massey Ferguson tractors in Kenya come equipped with Massey Ferguson Reciprocating Pumps. Tractors like the Massey Ferguson 240 include features like draft control and position control that set them apart from the competition. The 127mm stroke of the MF-240 makes it ideal for most applications. With this purchase, you will also get a loader. It is the most reasonably priced option available. There are several farm implements for sale available for the MF 240 model from Massey Ferguson, including a number of different implements.

MF- 260 Tractors

The turbocharged Perkins T 3.1524, powering the new MF-260 Massey Ferguson tractor in Kenya, is rated at 60 horsepower. At 540 revolutions per minute, the PTO drives the engine to 1789 revolutions per minute. The transmission features 10 gears: eight forward, two reverse, and two overdrive. The vehicle’s handling is enhanced by features like the multi-disc oil-immersed mechanical brake and manual steering. Certain automobiles have these qualities. Hydraulic System MF-260 is renowned for its lifting capacity (2170 kg with reduced links) and oil flow rates among other characteristics and capabilities.

MF-360 tractors

The MF 360 Massey Ferguson tractors in Kenya are packaged with six distinct instruments for tilling, one of which is a seedling transporter, and it also includes the seedlings themselves. This combination of machinery is able to draw up to three tons of weight since it consists of a cover crop that is 1.6 meters wide and two rows of seed, as well as trailers that can hold two tons of weight and transport boxes. The assortment is kept current with the addition of brand-new goods on a daily basis.

MF- 375 Tractors

Massey Ferguson tractor in Kenya MF 375 is known for its dependable performance and great quality, as well as its long lifetime. It now has the quietest engine of any farm tractor. Your steering should be as quick and responsive as possible, therefore employ hydrostatic power. This tractor may be used to prepare the soil for planting, carry crops, and cultivate large expanses of land for cattle and horticulture. Tractors like the MF375 have a lot of flexibility in this area and may be used to carry a variety of crops.

MF- 385 2-Wheel Drive

MF- 385 2 Wheel Drive Massey Ferguson tractor in Kenya has synchronized engagement technology. A reverser allows choosing from a total of twelve speeds while driving in reverse. Four-cylinder and 3860 cm3 of displacement provide 70 horsepower and 268 Nm of torque at 1400 revolutions per minute and the synchronized reverse gearbox is the preferred form of transmission. The capacity of 108 liters and the proportion of pages produced in 12 seconds may be seen in reverse order. Small farms may afford these tractors due to their inexpensive price and minimal maintenance requirements.

MF 385 4 Wheel Drive MF 385 4 Wheel Drive Massey Ferguson tractor in Kenya is well-suited to Kenya’s demanding agricultural demands because of its good reputation as easy to operate and long-lasting.

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