Adjustable Pintle Hook

Pintle Hook Specification
Weight: 39 kg , 50kg
Power required: 50hp above.
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A pintle hook is a towing hitch designed for heavy-duty towing. The hitch is made up of two sections that resemble a hook that is attached to the vehicle and can be wrapped around a ring on the trailer. The pintle hitch configuration allows you to move more freely and at different angles. That’s why a pintle hitch trailer is simpler to tow through tougher terrain or even a typical road with several dips and climbs. Pintle Hook Specification involves the weight being 39 and 50kg. The power required is above 50 HP. With the very adaptable and simply adjustable design of this pintle hitch, you can adapt your trailer hitch to any towing condition. Door hinges, boat rudders, and a variety of mechanical chores are all done with pintles. We at Tractors Kenya ensure the best quality and so make sure to check all our agricultural machinery.