Jib Crane

Lift Capacity upto 500 Kgs (depending upon Tractor HP)
Height of lift 3 m
Overall length 2.54 m
Weight (approx) 72 Kgs
Tractor Compatibility 45-85 HP
Hitch pin Cat-II

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Jib Crane is a farm implement that is used in small farms and is quite helpful in loading and unloading of heavy items. These heavy items include drums containing fuel seeds, fertilizer bags, machinery from trucks and trailers. We offer Jib Cranes at a reasonable price. This minimizes the time and labour used for loading and unloading of stuff from trailers.

 Our jib crane has a Lift Capacity of up to 500 Kgs, which depends upon the tractor’s HP. It has an Height of lift of things upto 3m. With an Overall length of 2.54, and it has a Weight of approximately 72 Kgs. It is compatible with Tractors of 45-85 HP. It has a Hitch pin Cat attached too.