Massive 390 4WD Tractor in Kenya

Model / Type: Massive 390 4WD
Horse Power: 81hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,

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Unique and quality tractors can now be delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll safeguard your crops!

Tractors are agricultural assets

Tractors can strengthen the growing fields by timely harvesting these valuable crops for survival for the continuity of life. Moreover, with the timely harvest, Kenyan crops are prevented from over-ripening, and in doing so, their quality is retained and farmers can earn good value for them.

Reliability is the key to success

Massive Tractors have gained enormous success in a short period, the reason behind the eminent and yet immediate success is their reliability. Massive Tractors for sale in Kenya have become Kenyan farmers’ companions since every farming activity can be successfully executed via them.

Massive Tractor 390 4WD

One of the powerful and resilient tractors known for its remarkable agricultural performance is undoubtedly Massive Tractor 390. This tractor is surely a huge tractor yet its 88hp dynamics leave an everlasting impact in terms of performance and durability. Massive Tractors are of uncompromised quality and can be trusted in terms of affordability and resilience. Further tractor dynamics are listed below;

  • Engine

The engine fitted within Massive Tractor 390 is huge to be able to suffice the huge requirements of a large commercial farm. This tractor is multipurpose and can be used for towing, pushing, dragging, and pulling hefty loads. The Perkins diesel is turbocharged and is highly recommended in deserted and uneven soil like that of Kenya. With its 4WD and wet disc oil-immersed brakes, the engine speed can reach up to a maximum of 2200 rpm.

  • Transmission

The transmission of the tractor is equally potent as that of its engine. Within this powerful and vigorous tractor, two modes of transmission are observed. Manual mode, with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears and partial power shit with 12 forward gears and 4 gears to reverse back.

At Tractors Kenya, we value the requirements of our Kenyan customers and therefore we keep in mind to supply affordable and export-quality tractors.