Potato Harvester

Potato Harvester Specification
Total Length 9ft
Total Width 5.5ft
Total Height 3ft
Digging Width 53 inches
Output 0.1ha/hr.

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A potato harvester is a farm implement that is operated via the PTO shaft of the tractor. It is capable of digging the potatoes by means of its circulating wings. From thereon, the potatoes are then spread onto the large agricultural fields. This farm implement is widely used among farmers because of its credibility in harvesting potatoes without damaging them. The soil gathered while harvesting potatoes is then sieved through the farm implement. In a reasonable price bracket, this farm implement is among one of its kind due to which it is highly preferable among the farmer niche. The required horsepower range for any tractor to be compatible with a potato harvester is 50 hp or above. We are offering unique and high-power potato harvesters at remarkable and affordable rates.