Rice Thresher

Weight 60kg 80kg
Dimension 1250×700×800mm 1500×800×1000mm

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The rice grains are separated from the panicle by a rice thresher, which does not damage the grains. As a result, the rice’s quality improves. It is effective and can thoroughly thresh rice and wheat. Rice threshers have a compact structure, a lovely shape, and dependable functioning. It has a high production rate, good threshing performance, and little grain loss, among other things. It is extremely beneficial to our farmers. The introduction of the threshing machine revolutionized the threshing process, making it easier and less labour-intensive. The machine is tough and built with cutting-edge technology that enhances its functionality. The weight is 60kg and 80kg. The dimension is 1250×700×800mm and 1500×800×1000mm.