Fodder Cutter

No. of Discs : 2 or 2
No. of Knifes : 6 or 6
Working Width : 1250 mm or 1650 mm
Tractor HP (PTO) :  540 rpm  or  540 rpm
Tractor HP  : Above 50 HP or  Above 50 HP
Weight  : 180 kg  or  375 kg

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Cutting fodder from the fields is a very important task as farmers require fodder that the animals would not reject. We have fodder cutters for sale that are very efficient in cutting the crops to make fodder. It can be easily attached to a power take-off tractor or operate mechanically. With its wide range and efficient cutting you can cut a large quantity to make plenty of fodder in a very short time.

 Our fodder cutter that we sell has 2 discs and 6 knives. It has a working width of 1250mm or 1650mm. It has a weight carrying capacity of 180 kg or 375 kg. This fodder cutter is compatible with tractors that are 50hp or above.