Wheat / Rice Reaper

Cutting Width 7.5Ft
No of Blades 29
Weight with Kit 275Kgs
Maximum length 7.8 ft
Source of power up 25 hp
Cutting width 7.5 feet
Maximum Width 2.37ft
Maximum Height 2.37Ft

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We are a major dealer of wheat/rice reapers in Kenya. Wheat/rice reaper is used for cutting of the rice or wheat. We have wheat/rice reapers available for sale at a very reasonable price.

 Our wheat/rice has a Cutting Width of 7.5Ft with 29 blades. It weighs up to 275 Kgs with a kit. It has a maximum length of 7.8 ft. It can work on a source which has power up to 25 hp. Our wheat/rice reaper has a Maximum Width of an 2.37ft Maximum Height of 2.37Ft.